Friday 26 April 2019
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How to enjoy the last day of being single title: It’s your marriage, come on!

It was the time that bachelor party was something restricted only to the newlyweds. Today, brides also want to enjoy this moment and enjoy with their friends, even if it is a very light program. The bachelor party is a great occasion to meet your closest friends and share the cool moments that precede the ceremony, remember stories and have fun with the strippers San Diego, of course!

You can also organize your party and ask for help from the groom. Sharing opinions and ideas peacefully is important to the couple and does very well.

When to do it?

Bachelor party usually happens one month to 15 days before the wedding. This time frame is really cool to organize everything, in a nice way for everyone to enjoy. But before you organize, you must remember that everyone will spend a buck. Therefore, choose an accessible location, see the weather forecast, think about the type of locomotion, organize a list of cheaper options in the menu, etc. Knowing how to plan and organize, it is possible to do something fun, simple and with good taste.


Travel with the best

Ever thought of a beach with music? Or the coldness of the Serra, accompanied by a wine tasting? Or even enjoy nature and travel to a little place with waterfall, hiking trails and camping? Traveling is always good, especially when we join the group of friends and we can enjoy a beautiful weekend! There are many places for you to have fun with friends, just give a researched and take advantage of the promotional packages that always offer discounts on daily and tickets.

Drink, dance and lots of fun in nightclub

For the hottest bride and groom, there’s no place better than a ballad to meet friends and dance the night away! Here, the only problem is one not wanting the other to go it alone. Jealousy sometimes shows up, does not it? Unless you resist with this idea of ​​leaving the partner in the ballad, it is still possible to join the group of friends and all go to the same place.

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