Thursday 23 May 2019
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Finer Methods for the best Sexual Experience

The fine lovemaking with the best sexy escort requires the right tools. The clitoral stimulator is there, as the name suggests, stimulating the clitoris of the girl. It can be used during foreplay but also during penetration. So, Monsieur can have fun caressing the minneapolis escorts with this stimulator but The girl can also take things in hand. After all, she knows each other perfectly and exactly what movements and force apply. We are never as well served as by ourselves.

Using a vibrating egg in a couple

The vibrating egg is fun. It is rather used for pre-preliminary, even before ending up in a bed. The egg is placed in the lady’s vagina and the remote in the gentleman’s hand. The latter can therefore have fun giving (or not) chills to madam when he wishes. To use during a romantic meal at home for example … or why not at the restaurant!

Use a special sextoy G point couple

A special sextoy point G can be recognized by its shape that goes back towards the end in order to look precisely for the point G located on the anterior wall of the vagina of the girl (see our article on the point G ). This sextoy can be used during foreplay where sir can stimulate the point G of madam who should be ready then for the penetration of sir. When using, for example, mister will be able to observe the reactions of The girl or take advantage of her moment to make him cunnilingus. If during the act mister feels that the mustard goes up a little too top in the nose, he can also take a break by proposing to the girl to take care of her with this sextoy then take over later.

Use a sex toy for couple

For the moment there is very little brand that offers this new type of sextoys. In the shape of “U”, the sex toy for a couple has a part that is placed in the vagina against the point G of madam and a second external part that stimulates the clitoris. A remote control allows you to choose the vibration mode and its power.

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